With this policy Agnes follows the policy of other Bay Area teachers.


FLAT RATE starting September 1st 2013 through end of June 2014:

Weekly 30 minute private lessons are

  • $125/month for non-village residents and
  • $100/month for home schoolers
  • $85/month for village residents.

Weekly 45 minute private lessons are

  • $187.50/month for non village residents
  • $125/month for village residents.

The monthly fee remains the same regardless of the number of lessons or activities attended in the month. Fees for lessons that fall on school holidays were not included into the calculation of the monthly flat rate, therefore no make up lessons are offered for these lessons. No refunds will be provided.


Times will be announced as the next workshop dates draw closer. (Workshops are group lessons that prepare students to perform in front of an audience.)


There will be a small fee to cover expenses. Details will be announced later.


There are no make ups for lessons that students cancel. However students are encouraged to swap lesson time if they can not come to their lessons. Please look for potential swaping partners before your first emergency cancellation occurs. Please ask Agnes about details. Don't forget, attending lessons on a regular basis is essential for success. Lessons that Agnes needs to cancel will always be made up.

Viva La Musica - Policy


We follow the Albany Unified School District's calendar in observing holidays. If your school has different vacation times, Agnes can make adjustments for you.


In the month July and August there is no flat rate, so we can adjust to family's vacation plans. In the first day of the month each student can decide how many lessons he or she would like to have. Schedule is flexible in these months. e.g. It is possible to have lessons every day for a week, but no lessons for the following two weeks.

Fees for July and August:

  • 30 minute private lesson: $30 for non-village residents and $20 for village residents.
  • Discount 10-lesson pass for these months: $250
  • 10-lesson passes are valid through the end of August.

June lessons that students need to cancel because of travel will be made up over the summer.

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Free Lessons for Home Schoolers.

For more information please contact agnes@VivaLaMusica-PianoStudio.com.

or call (510) 528 8781


Music and Puppet Show Camp 2016

The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Give the gift of music to your loved ones!


For beginners and advanced players of all ages.


Dr. univ. Agnes Miklos-Illes

phone +1 510 528 8781

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