testimonial for Agnes Miklos-Illes"Agnes provides the children with a deep, enriching, and balanced musical foundation, while teaching them very important piano and technique skills. She does so in a uniquely warm, tolerant, and fun manner and always keeps the lessons light-hearted and creative - which has been particularly helpful for my squirmy yet eager son."


testimonial for Agnes Miklos-Illes

"I am very pleased to recommend my piano teacher, Agnes Miklos-Illes, whether it is for your child or for yourself. Playing the piano was a dream of mine, and at the age of 30, Agnes had helped me fulfill this dream! I was her student for more than 3 years, during which my technique and the difficulty level of the pieces I could play have dramatically improved. She is a professional piano teacher, with a vast knowledge of music theory; but equally important is her patience, delicate and wonderful personality."


testimonial for Agnes Miklos-Illes

"My son, Sunny, has taken piano lessons with Agnes for almost four years. During these years, Agnes has showed us how skillful, responsible, cheerful she is as a piano teacher. She is a piano teacher who you and your kids would love. In her class, she does not only focus on techniques of playing piano but also nicely explains the feeling in the piano pieces. She spends proper time telling stories about famous composers and always makes efforts to introduce history of music instrument (e.g., Harpsichord). She knows at which level it is a good time to introduce music theory to kids with full of fun. Recitals are always enjoyable and elegant and make kids feel so proud of themselves because every-day based practice seems not to be hard anymore. One day I hurried Sunny up to leave home earlier. To my surprise, Sunny started begging me that he hadn't played his piano yet. At this moment I almost cried because I realized that playing piano had become as a part of his everyday life, rather than just a practice for his mom. That is exactly what I want for my son. When I told this story to Agnes, she said that I must have done something right. However, I know the truth is that her patience and encouragement really help Sunny to reach this point. Especially, her passion on piano and music are teaching my son how to love piano and enjoy music.

Siyan and Sunny

testimonial for Agnes Miklos-Illes

"Agnes is dedicated to her students. She provides loving encouragement, seemingly endless patience, and the opportunity for mastery through repetition. She is well attuned to her student's developmental growth and works together with parents and children to create an enjoyable learning environment in the Suzuki philosophy of music education."

Joanne Gouaux

testimonial for Agnes Miklos-Illes

"If I can not fall asleep at night, I play the piano on my pillow."

Eleanor Stanford

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Free Lessons for Home Schoolers.

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Music and Puppet Show Camp 2016

The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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For beginners and advanced players of all ages.


Dr. univ. Agnes Miklos-Illes

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