International Students

Music is the universal language everyone understands

In her studio Agnes has taught students from all over the world, from Madagascar, India, China, Korea, Niger, Germany, France, Hungary, Mongolia, England, Spain, and Mexico.

Some children do not speak English at all when they start taking piano lessons. Since music is a universal language, it helps students to overcome their language barriers. Plus it helps them develop confidence through learning a lifelong skill that can help them connect socially in many different areas

Though music can connect people throughout the world, different countries choose slightly different paths in addressing music theory.

Some countries name their notes with the letters of the alphabet (A, B, C...), others use the syllable names “do”, “re”, “mi”. Some use a fixed “do” (C is always “do” in this system), while others use a movable one (any note can be “do”, if it is the first note of a major scale). The Kodaly method provides a framework that makes us feel at home in all these different worlds.

International students can choose whether they prefer to stay in the system of their home country or broaden their horizons and learn about these other systems as well.

Agnes teaches in English, German, or Hungarian.

Agnes Miklos-Illes

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